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ChemSpider 2D Image | lixisenatide | C215H347N61O65S


  • Molecular FormulaC215H347N61O65S
  • Average mass Da
  • Monoisotopic mass Da
  • ChemSpider ID17295846
  • defined stereocentres - 42 of 42 defined stereocentres

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320367-13-3 [RN]
des-38-proline-exendine-4 (Heloderma suspectum)-(1-39)- peptidylpenta-L-lysyl-L-lysinamide
lixisenatida [Spanish] [INN]
lixisénatide [French] [INN]
lixisenatidum [Latin] [INN]
ликсисенатид [Russian] [INN]
ليكسيسيناتيد [Arabic] [INN]
利司那肽 [Chinese] [INN]
  • Miscellaneous
    • Chemical Class:

      A forty-four membered polypeptide consisting of <stereo>L</stereo>-His, Gly, <stereo>L</stereo>-Glu, Gly, <stereo>L</stereo>-Thr, <stereo>L</stereo>-Phe, <stereo>L</stereo>-Thr, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ser , <stereo>L</stereo>-Asp, <stereo>L</stereo>-Leu, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ser, <stereo>L</stereo>-Lys, <stereo>L</stereo>-Gln, <stereo>L</stereo>-Met, <stereo>L</stereo>-Glu, <stereo>L</stereo>-Glu, <stere o>L</stereo>-Glu, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ala, <stereo>L</stereo>-Val, <stereo>L</stereo>-Arg, <stereo>L</stereo>-Leu, <stereo>L</stereo>-Phe, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ile, <stereo>L</stereo>-Glu, <stereo>L</ste reo>-Trp, <stereo>L</stereo>-Leu, <stereo>L</stereo>-Lys, <stereo>L</stereo>-Asn, Gly, Gly, <stereo>L</stereo>Pro, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ser, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ser, Gly, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ala, <stereo> L</stereo>-Pro, <stereo>L</stereo>-Pro, <stereo>L</stereo>-Ser, <stereo>L</stereo>-Lys, <stereo>L</stereo>-Lys, <stereo>L</stereo>-Lys, <stereo>L</stereo>-Lys, <stereo>L</stereo>-Lys, and <stereo>L</s tereo>-Lys-NH<smallsub>2</smallsub> residues joined in sequence. Used as an adjunct to diet and exercise for the treatment of adults with type II diabetes. ChEBI CHEBI:85662

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