ChemSpider 2D Image | Sulforhodamine B | C27H30N2O7S2

Sulforhodamine B

  • Molecular FormulaC27H30N2O7S2
  • Average mass558.666 Da
  • Monoisotopic mass558.149414 Da
  • ChemSpider ID58690

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Sulforhodamine B
1,3-benzenedisulfonate, 4-[3,6-bis(diethylamino)-9-xanthyliumyl]-, inner salt, hydrogen salt
2-[6-(Diethylamino)-3-(diethyliminio)-3H-xanthen-9-yl]-5-sulfobenzenesulfonate [ACD/IUPAC Name]
2-[6-(Diéthylamino)-3-(diéthyliminio)-3H-xanthén-9-yl]-5-sulfobenzènesulfonate [French] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
2-[6-(Diethylamino)-3-(diethyliminio)-3H-xanthen-9-yl]-5-sulfobenzolsulfonat [German] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Ethanaminium, N-[6-(diethylamino)-9-(2,4-disulfophenyl)-3H-xanthen-3-ylidene]-N-ethyl-, inner salt [ACD/Index Name]
Hydrogen 4-[3,6-bis(diethylamino)xanthenium-9-yl]benzene-1,3-disulfonate
Kiton Rhodamine B
Sulforhodamine B, acid form

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341738_SIAL [DBID]
AIDS002281 [DBID]
AIDS-002281 [DBID]
LC 6200 [DBID]
Red 106 [DBID]

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Boiling Point:
Vapour Pressure:
Enthalpy of Vaporization:
Flash Point:
Index of Refraction:
Molar Refractivity:
#H bond acceptors: 9
#H bond donors: 2
#Freely Rotating Bonds: 8
#Rule of 5 Violations:
ACD/LogD (pH 5.5):
ACD/BCF (pH 5.5):
ACD/KOC (pH 5.5):
ACD/LogD (pH 7.4):
ACD/BCF (pH 7.4):
ACD/KOC (pH 7.4):
Polar Surface Area: 144 Å2
Surface Tension:
Molar Volume:

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