ChemSpider 2D Image | N,N'-Bis(3-aminopropyl)-1,4-butanediamine tetrahydrochloride | C10H30Cl4N4

N,N'-Bis(3-aminopropyl)-1,4-butanediamine tetrahydrochloride

  • Molecular FormulaC10H30Cl4N4
  • Average mass348.184 Da
  • Monoisotopic mass346.122467 Da
  • ChemSpider ID9015

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1,4-Butanediamine, N1,N4-bis(3-aminopropyl)-, hydrochloride (1:4) [ACD/Index Name]
N,N'-Bis(3-aminopropyl)-1,4-butandiamintetrahydrochlorid [German] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
N,N'-Bis(3-aminopropyl)-1,4-butanediamine tetrahydrochloride [ACD/IUPAC Name]
N,N'-Bis(3-aminopropyl)-1,4-butanediamine, tétrachlorhydrate [French] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
N,N'-bis(3-Aminopropyl)butane-1,4-diamine tetrahydrochloride
(3-aminopropyl)({4-[(3-aminopropyl)amino]butyl})amine tetrahydrochloride
(3-aminopropyl){4-[(3-aminopropyl)amino]butyl}amine, chloride, chloride, chlor ide, chloride
(3-aminopropyl){4-[(3-aminopropyl)amino]butyl}amine, chloride, chloride, chloride, chloride
[306-67-2] [RN]
1,4-Butanediamine, N,N'-bis(3-aminopropyl)-, tetrahydrochloride

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3911711 [DBID]
85605_FLUKA [DBID]
EU-0101077 [DBID]
NSC 69852 [DBID]
  • Experimental Physico-chemical Properties
  • Miscellaneous
    • Safety:

      GHS07 Biosynth S-7500
      H315; H319; H335 Biosynth S-7500
      P261; P280; P312; P302+P352; P304+P340; P305+P351+P338 Biosynth S-7500
      Warning Biosynth S-7500
    • Chemical Class:

      Glutamate EU-OpenScreen [S 2876]
    • Bio Activity:

      Glutamate (Ionotropic) Receptors Tocris Bioscience 958
      Ion Channels Tocris Bioscience 958
      Ligand-gated Ion Channels Tocris Bioscience 958
      Modulator at polyamine site Tocris Bioscience 0958, 958
      Polyamine which produces a variety of modulatory effects on the NMDA receptor channel, acting through a specific site on the complex which can cause both agonist and antagonist effects. Tocris Bioscience 0958, 958

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