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Yaroslav Bilokin

OTAVA Ltd. is an international science-based chemical company founded in 1997. Our company carries a diverse set of products and services for pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies. We specialize in the development and production of featured chemicals, bio-chemicals and bioanalytical reagents. Our newly created well-equipped kilo-lab provides multi-kilo scale-up preparation service for the clients.

Our facilities and highly-experienced personnel make possible a variety of contract research projects and custom syntheses of complex biologically active substances. Our Molecular Modelling Department provides the full range of advanced computational services.

OTAVA's special focus is the protein kinases research and rational drug discovery. Working in these areas OTAVA has developed and offers its own line of kinases related products, including various inhibitors and more than 60 protein kinase focused libraries. Other services our company is offering include hit finding and optimization, in silico screening, kinase biochemical and biophysical screening, structure- and ligand-based drug design.


1. Name: In-house stock library for prompt delivery

Description: Our In-house Stock Collection contains about 242,000 compounds. All compounds have undergone quality control to confirm their chemical structures. We offer the possibility to re-supply compounds purchased from us.

2. Name: Lead-like library

Description: Lead-like library from OTAVA is a universal screening library containing about 57,000 compounds. It is an integral part of the OTAVA chemical libraries and can be used for HT screening in addition to Drug-like Green Collection and Fragment Library. In comparison to Drug-like green collection, the Lead-like library has slightly decreased MW, number of rotatable bonds and number of hydrogen bond donors and acceptors to extend potential chemical space for further lead optimization.

3. Name: Fragment library

Description: The library has been updated by 93 fragments! OTAVA offers its own specially designed Fragment Library. The central purpose of the library is to provide fragments that will bind to the binding site(s) of any target and will also provide suitable starting points for drug discovery.

4. Name: Building blocks

Description: Our Building Blocks collection contains many unique structures in multi-gram quantities and purity higher than 95%. These diverse compounds could be used for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis of pharmaceutical libraries or scale-up of lead compounds for further development.

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