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Argus Chemicals srl is a Rare & Fine Chemicals company in Vernio (North of Florence), Italy . The company was started in 1985 by Dr. Enrico Ammannati to produce chemicals for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. On a lab-scale basis, the company began to produce rare and otherwise unobtainable compounds, not generally found in commercial catalogues. Through the years the company expanded its capabilities up to Pilot-plant-scale to be able to satisfy the demand for kilo-batches of products involving air-sensitive reagents. Initially Argus was devoted to the production of phosphine based ligands for metal catalysts. Now it also offers a broad service of R&D under secrecy agreement for pharmaceutical firms. The expert and enthusiastic team of chemists at Argus, is able to satisfy the needs of the customers in the field for complex multistep-syntheses, optimisation procedures, and scale-up syntheses. The R&D and Production departments are fully integrated. "Ab initio" synthesis and scale-up (grams to kilos) constitute one of the major outsourcing proposals from our customers.


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