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Vladimir E. Kabakov

Modern drug discovery has gathered a substantial momentum in the past few years due to the impact of combinatorial chemistry — a discipline which enables to rapidly explore structure-activity relationships (SAR) while searching for new pharmaceuticals. Novel technologies and processes ensure a strong demand for the new libraries of small molecules, preferably heterocyclic ones, tested for biological activity by means of high throughput screening, HTS.

Obviously, the pursuit of new efficient drug-like structures cannot be imagined without constant influx of highly versatile sets of compounds used to build up combinatorial libraries.

The primary goal of ACBBlocks Ltd. is to accelerate and facilitate the drug discovery process by providing combinatorial and pharmaceutical laboratories with rare building blocks bearing highly pharmacophoric fragments.

Listed below are structural classes of the compounds that we include in our collections because of their great potential as scaffolds for combinatorial libraries: various heterocyclic derivatives containing fragments of: indoles, pyrroles, pyridines, thiazoles, thiadiazoles, triazoles, triazines, pyrazoles, pyrimidines, benzothiazoles, pyrrolidines, piperidines, azepines; non-heterocyclic compounds such as nonnatural amino acids (alpha and beta) and their esters, isonitriles (isocyanides), arylhydrazines.

All our blocks are functionally substituted derivatives such as amines, hydrazines, carboxylic acids, aldehydes (formyl derivatives), isonitriles (isocyanides). We are open to any kind of collaboration and exchange of ideas in the areas of custom synthesis, lead optimisation, designing new libraries using our building blocks as scaffolds.

After all, playing with molecules — is our speciality.


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