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Princeton BioMolecular Research is a privately held company established in 1998. We design unique small molecules and develop advanced tools for drug discovery, enabling new generations of chemical entities. Our technology is based on the interdisciplinary expertise of scientists, enhanced knowledge of biological catalysis, and new methodologies from drug, pesticide, and natural product discoveries.

Princeton BioMolecular Research is committed to provide the industry's highest quality drug discovery services. Along with traditional compound management/synthesis and vendor consolidation services PBR is developing original Libraries and Services to offer a wider selection to drug discovery programs. We offer lead optimization and generation of follow-up libraries; scale up in multi gram to kilo scale; natural extract libraries; scavenger resins and reagents and concomitant solid support based chemical technologies, as well as in vivo validated biologically active compounds.

Our headquarters is located in Princeton, NJ. All library piloting, chemical research and pharmacophore synthesis (building block) is done at our Princeton state-of-the-art facility, so our research can guarantee exclusivity of compound libraries. The integral structural motifs of our proprietary building blocks are the basis of the high chemical diversity.

Additional sources of diversity are with selected Universities, Research Institutions and several companies located in East Europe, Asia, India and Pacific Rim. Our worldwide network of laboratories and offices operate under a high-level management that accommodate over 300 creative, hard working employees. This infrastructure allows us to provide our clients the ability to rapidly make critical decisions and deliver our products in timely fashion.

Our strategy is founded on vertical integration of products and services (VIPSTM) model. This business strategy allows Princeton BioMolecular Research quality control over all compounds and extends cost savings to our clients.

Vertical integration may be a wonderful strategy for business, where a central corporate headquarters controls every facet of the stream of activity that produces revenue - acquisition of the natural resource, processing, manufacturing, sales and distribution. The strategy seeks to squeeze out extra profits that might have been earned by other businesses that supplied these services to the corporation


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