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The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) supports structural chemistry research through the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) which was established in 1965. The CSD contains over 750,000 small molecule crystal structures, and through knowledge-based tools is used to support receptor modelling, ligand design, docking, lead optimization and formulation studies. Over 1,200 academic institutions, all of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies and research operations worldwide use the CSD and associated software applications.

The CCDC is a fully independent non-profit organisation and, since 1989, a registered charity. The CCDC recovers it operational costs entirely through annual contributions received for the Cambridge Structural Database System and industry-leading software such as GOLD and Relibase+These contributions enable the CCDC to provide data deposition, discovery and download services free of financial charge to the global research community. The CCDC actively supports research in the area of structural chemistry through collaboration with both academic and industrial research partners.



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