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About BioBlocks, Inc.

We strive to excel at providing medicinal chemistry services and developing building blocks for drug discovery. Founded in San Diego in 2002 to establish a results-based service model and an innovative product line, BioBlocks has developed successful lead optimization collaborations and built a comprehensive collection of over 2200 carefully selected advanced intermediates for drug discovery.

We believe that results-based medicinal chemistry services are vital to the drug discovery process. Setting itself apart from industry standard FTE based collaboration models, BioBlocks forges collaborations based on defined endpoint deliverables. Instead of running FTE cycles and delivering a set number of compounds, BioBlocks aims to extend its partners’ medicinal chemistry capacity by working synergistically to meet their objectives. This unique, high quality service is offered at competitive rates thanks to our highly skilled team of medicinal chemists in San Diego and Budapest, Hungary. Innovative compound design, patent analysis and preparation, project management and customer service are exclusively handled by the San Diego headquarters team. This provides an exceptional package of excellent service, highly interactive management, world-class medicinal chemistry, and cost effective partnerships.

We believe innovative and unique drug-like building blocks are a vital part of the drug discovery toolkit. Researchers need to quickly obtain novel, diverse, drug-like compounds for a wide range of targets, and we’ve designed our ever-evolving product line around this key challenge. BioBlocks has added an average of 400 building blocks per year, and currently has over 2,200 building blocks in its catalog. These include beta-amino acids, quinolines, benzylpiperidines, kinase-targeted amines, enones, natural product-derived scaffolds, functionalized heterocycles and quinazolines. A depth of experience and accumulated know-how means that BioBlocks customers can count on delivery in two weeks or less.


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