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Scott Schaus
The Center for Chemical Methodology and Library Development at Boston University ( CMLD-BU ) is a new center funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences ( NIGMS ) focused on the discovery of new methodologies to produce novel chemical libraries of unprecedented complexity for biological screening. The goal of the CMLD-BU is to explore and expand the diversity of small-molecule libraries by creating general, useful protocols for stereocontrolled synthesis. This process will involve the creation of novel chemical libraries that uniquely probe three-dimensional space by employing stereochemical and positional variation within the molecular framework as diversity elements for library design. A major objective of the CMLD-BU is also to provide information and chemistry protocols to the public on parallel and chemical library synthesis. The CMLD-BU has also organized the Chemical Library Consortium (CLC) to provide members of the biology community with access to its chemical libraries. The CLC will ultimately enable the demonstration of the quality of any given library through the identification of molecules that can be utilized as tools to investigate cellular processes.


Chemical Method and Library Development at Boston University  




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