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Jidong Liu

Co-founded by scientists from Yale University , Aldlab Chemicals LLC is speeding up its growth. It includes two major divisions: Laboratory chemicals and Drug discovery.

Laboratory Chemicals

There are more than 10,000 innovative building blocks designed by our team consists of medicinal chemists, organic chemists and biochemists. Our strong chemistry team can handle sophisticated reactions such as olefin coupling, asymmetric reduction. Aldlab has served pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industry all over the world with high quality and timely delivery.

Drug Discovery

Cancer is the No. 1 cause of death in the world. Traditional chemotherapy has serious drawbacks. The anti-cancer drug kills both healthy cells and tumors which affects dramatically the quality of patient life. The scientists in Aldlab are seeking an effective way to overcome this barrier. For most tumors, there are some special receptors over expressed on the surface of tumor cells compared with normal healthy cells. A tag can be designed which will be recognized by those over expressed receptors in the tumor cells. This kind of tag itself can be treated as an anti-cancer drug or as a vehicle to selectively transport the anti-cancer drug into tumor cells, which will decrease toxicity, side effect and dose of use.


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