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  • Wecoochem Laboratories Inc. focusing on providing chemicals. Wecoochem is our main R & D team, leading the way in fine chemicals and Pharma, sourcing. We supply products world-wide to the client base including major biotechnology based corporations, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

    Wecoochem Laboratories Inc. based on Hebei University of Science and Technology. (HUST). We mainly includes four aspects of the business:reagent Mall, custom synthesis, amplification of production and technical services.

    1. Reagent Mall: We can provide kinds of small packaging compounds synthesized by wecoochem team.
    2. Custom synthesis: We can synthesize of some specific compounds to be used to meet the needs of the scientific research institutions.
    3. Amplification of production: we have the OEM factory, in order to expand the production of some compounds.
    4. Technical services: The services.Encompass the full spectrum of drug discovery from the hit identification throughlead optimization and early chemical development.

    Wecoochem will be a good fully deserve procurement partners, for taking the time to understand your needs, and provide you with highly in international business profits. We look forward to your interest, we believe, your satisfaction is always our first concern.

Wecoochem Laboratories Inc.  
707 Lianmeng Road  
  • China 
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