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Joice Wang
  • Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd. (Lakesyn Chemical) is located in Hangzhou. We supply fine chemical products and pharmaceuticals intermediates to customers all over the world. Our group is made up of experienced chemists and we can operate high pressure reaction and the reactions at the temperature between −100°C to 300°C.

    Our skilled reaction as below:

    • Heck Reaction
    • Suzuki Coupling
    • Mitsunobu Reaction
    • Mannich Reaction
    • Friedel-Crafts Reaction
    • Diels-Alder Reaction
    • Dieckmann Condensation
    • Aldol Addition/Aldol Reaction

    Our catalog products include aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, amino acids, chiral building blocks and other active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our products are exported mainly to the Europe, America, South Korea, Japan, India, etc. Welcome inquiry and visit us.

Aromalake Chemical Co., Ltd.  
+86 0571 57104378  
+86 0571 57104378    
Hangzhou West Lake science and Technology Park  
  • China 
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