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SynInnova is a Canadian research organization established to assist global research community by working towards development of new research chemicals which are complex organic molecules and not available commercially. We supply innovative building blocks, life science research chemicals, stable isotopic labelled compounds (SILC), analytical reference standards, drug impurities and metabolites to accelerate the drug discovery research of various demanding fields of health care sector. We also offer both compound based custom synthesis projects and medicinal chemistry services with strict confidentiality, exceptional quality and competitive pricing.

We design unique compound libraries as advanced tools for drug discovery, enabling new generations of chemical entities. Our compound libraries are designed to possess drug-like properties and they are created using innovative technologies along with traditional medicinal chemistry principles. Our broad range of advanced intermediates and scaffolds, including building blocks, novel amines, protected amines, unnatural amino acids, ketones, aldehyde, heterocycles, isatoic anhydrides, boroinc acids, peptides, glyco-peptides, carbohydrates and chiral intermediates which can accelerate your drug research process. For more details please visit our web site

All your inquiries should be directed to our sales department by email (most preferred method), fax or telephone with product number and the quantity you are looking for. In case of new products that are not listed in our catalogue please send us the details such as Name and CAS number. We will promptly respond with the price and delivery time at our earliest convenience.


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