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AllyChem Co., Ltd., Dalian, China (AllyChem), registered on March 15, 2004, is a fine chemical manufacturing company located in Dalian Economy & Technology Development Zone.

AllyChem specializes in the industrial synthesis of advanced chiral chemicals, diboron esters and multi-functional boronic acids/esters. The founders of the company were originally senior research scientists in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy. Our managers have experience working for Western pharmaceutical and chemical companies.AllyChem has recruited overseas Chinese who have returned to China to take advantage of these emerging opportunities.Some of them have studied and worked in North America or European countries, and some of them have worked on several manufacturing projects for multinational companies. AllyChem is currently steered by a multi-disciplinary leadership team consisting of experienced chemists, chemicals engineers, venture capitalists.


AllyChem Co., Ltd  



No.5 of Jinbin Road, Jinzhou New District  

Dalian City  

Liaoning Province  



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