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7509750924/09/2021 08:04:18NormalNewThis record returns the CAS RN of 10137-65-2 and 106-30-5. However, CAS RN appears to be the CAS RN for Ethyl 6-cyanohexanoate (CSID 23347.
24577524577522/09/2021 06:33:56NormalNewThe CAS RN 6915-15-7 appears to be assigned to DL-malic acid (chemspider ID 510) and not to this compound
2424242420/09/2021 19:20:15NormalNewLysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), also known colloquially as acid, is a psychedelic drug.
21793021793020/09/2021 09:46:27NormalNewThe CAS RN of this record 6666-75-7 is also reported as the CAS RN on Chemspider ID 152749. The PubChem Search results shows that this record is correctly called 6666-75-7
138391231383912319/09/2021 16:03:55NormalNewThis record, and record with CSID of 13839174, both report a CAS RN of 576-26-1. Should both isomers -- the 2,6 dimethylphenol and 2,4-dimethyl phenol be associated with the same CAS RN?
19008519008519/09/2021 16:00:44NormalNewThis record reports a CAS RN of 587-15-5, as does the record for CSID 61793. Doesn't appear that both compounds with different names and molecular formulas should have the same CAS RN
106286551062865519/09/2021 11:56:17NormalNewNot C5H8
196846601968466017/09/2021 08:19:12NormalNewHi! In this case the names should be trihydridosilicate(1-) not penta-.... |The diagram and formula are right, but smiles should be [SiH3-] with corrections also to inchi. Actually the formula should indicate - charge.
3255325517/09/2021 00:01:06NormalNewThe range of experimental melting points is listed as 200-2020C -- likely an error in the upper limit of melting
107098161070981616/09/2021 14:18:32NormalNewIsn't this phosphonopyruvate?
327021753270217516/09/2021 08:24:49NormalNewAppears to be CAS#'s shared between an organophosphus compound and pentaborane. So which compound is covered by this ID?
136761791367617915/09/2021 16:15:21NormalNewThe CAS number of "1109-15-5" listed for this compound (ChemSpider ID 13676179) seems to be mistake for this entry. CAS number 1109-15-5 is registered for "tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane"
245936182459361815/09/2021 03:59:50NormalNewThe UNII and CAS RN are for a different substance, "cannabidiol" which has the double bond in the cyclohexene ring in a different spot.
4943839494383913/09/2021 00:25:47NormalNewThis is the correction structure for Vuf 8929.
350332493503324911/09/2021 21:03:33NormalNewThis compound is misidentified as 3-dezaneplanocin A (DZNep). The correct structure of 3-dezaneplanocin A is Chemspider ID 65874.
596507315965073111/09/2021 05:33:00NormalNewAssuming this is Codinaeopsin, it is missing a methyl group from the hexahydronapthalene rings. compared to and
158939281589392810/09/2021 21:36:38NormalNewTook me forever to find this. 1,3,5 trinaphthylbenzene should bring this up. Should be in the related molecules for: and
293213602932136005/09/2021 05:35:47NormalNewBased on the name and diagram, the formula should be H2Fe, and smiles [H].[H].[Fe]. For this dihydride CAS Number is 33485-98-2. And it is a real molecule. Deprecated record has a right formula, but wrong diagram.
653221696532216902/09/2021 00:11:45NormalNewPlease remove the hydrogen from this yttrium nitride record. SMILES should be [N].[Y], with no room for hydrogen!
8103706810370601/09/2021 08:51:53NormalNewThe cas number for Isoclothiapine has been becoming confused with Pyrithiobac depending on the source chosen. Can you confirm that this is the case?