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20/12/2012 05:54:51
Dear Sir, We have crossed another product 4-Benzonfuranol, for which the flash point is 19deg c. however for the product 2-Benzofuranol,the FP is 103.. Hope there is same molecular formula and similar charateristics, the only change is the position of the -OH group. Could you please advise on the discrepancy of the FP.
18/07/2013 18:13:12
Thank you for contacting us. In this case, we do not have experimental flash points for these compounds. The flash points on this record are predicted using ACD/Labs PhysChem Suite. For any questions about how these are calculated, please check out the ACD/Labs site at the following URL: http://www.acdlabs.com/products/pc_admet/physchem/physchemsuite/
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