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22/12/2012 08:25:22
whats the melting point of this compound?
22/07/2013 12:12:33
Thank you for your feedback. We would love to include melting point on each record. However, we can't include data we don't have. ChemSpider brings together lots of information from different sources - and all of the data that is supplied to us is included in the record. Many of our datasources have more information that they do not supply to us. If you look at the datsources for a record (in the Datasources inbox) you will find other sources of information (often with links to the data). You may also want to look at the data that is displayed in the Properties infobox under the ACDLabs and EPISuite predicted properties tabs. Predicted properties are not a substitute for experimental properties, but they can be a useful guide.
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