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28/03/2013 09:29:03
It looks like this compound is correctly labeled as Acetochlor ESA sodium salt; the smiles for Acetochlor ESA (according to our records) is S(=O)(=O)(O)CC(=O)N(-c(c(cc1)C)c(c1)CC)COCC But this is should not be labeled Alachlor ESA sodium salt as indicated; our SMILES for Alachlor ESA is CCC1=CC=CC(CC)=C1N(COC)C(=O)CS(O)(=O)=O There is a Me on the N-Me-O-Me, not a Et like Acetochlor.
12/07/2013 17:43:06
Thank you for your feedback. This incorrect synonym has been removed.
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