Structure Editors Used with ChemSpider

There are currently 6 chemical structure editors integrated to ChemSpider

You can switch between the different editors without losing any structures that you might have in the window

You can use these editors in the Structure Search and Prediction Servces pages or when editing the image in a compound page.

Many of the editors are Java-based chemical structure editors though Ketcher is HTML5 based which means that you do not have to have Java support enabled in your browser. When you first open the webpage they will need to be downloaded and may take some time depending on your internet connection. For every following visit the editors will load quickly since it is cached on your computer.

Which you browser you prefer to use may depend on which structure editors you are already familiar with. ACD/Labs Structure Drawing Applet has similar functionality to ACD/ChemSketch but Symyx JDraw is more similar to Symyx draw or ISIS/Draw.

For more help with the ACD/Labs Structure Drawing Applet there is an overview of commands in the reference guide. A full manual is also available here. Please note that the following capabilities are not available in the applet despite being described in the manual : Molecule cleaning and Reaction Drawing.

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