Technical Notes

ChemSpider is not intended to be just a portal to a structure searchable database. Rather ChemSpider is expected to answer questions, solve problems for users and offer the opportunity to create solutions from the abundance of data and services available via ChemSpider. We will be working with a series of partners and collaborators to demonstrate specific applications of ChemSpider. Over the next few months we will be creating a series of Technical Notes reviewing the usage of ChemSpider. These documents will include general tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to apply ChemSpider to certain problems.

If you have a concept or success story that you feel would be appropriate to share with our users, we encourage you to contact us at and work with us in order to post it as a technical note.

August 13th 2010

January 22nd 2010

  • A Guide to Database Curation and New Structure Deposition

    In regards to the ChemSpider database curation is the manual annotation and correction of data. This may include changes to the chemical structures (structure layout for example) addition or removal of identifiers associated with the individual chemical entities, adding links to new data sources, adding new links to associated publications or adding data such as reaction syntheses. Structure Deposition is the process of uploading new structures and associated data to ChemSpider. This short tutorial will walk you through the process of both curation and deposition.

August 12th 2007

April 17th 2007

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