The first circular for the 16th RSC-SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, 11-14 September 2011, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK is now available here.

The Scientifc Program includes:-

Strategies to success – H-PGDS inhibitors for the treatment of inflamatory disorders, Sukanthini Thurauratnam, Sanofi -Aventis

Discovery on next generation glucokinase activators, Mike Waring, AstraZeneca
Inhalation by design, Paul Glosson, Pfizer

Bromodomains a new class of epigenetic targets for small molecule drug discovery, Jason Witherington, GSK

GPCR Structure based drug design using stabilised receptors(StaRs), Miles Congreve, Heptares
GS-9350: a novel pharmacoenhancer, Lianhong Xu, Gilead Sciences

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