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The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that there was an update to ChemSpider just over a week ago. Many of the changes that were performed on the site were aimed at upgrading the underlying architecture of the site and ensuring that the performance of the ChemSpider site is constantly improving as the number of users of our site and services grows.

Here are a few of the changes to the site that are more visible:

  1. Clearer deprecation of records
  2. Citation details
  3. Visibility of average mass
  4. Layout of the structure search page
  5. Improvements to search messaging
  6. Clearer layout of the Experimental Properties section
  7. Support for foreign language help

So to pick out a few of the key items from the above list….


Clearer deprecation of records

ChemSpider is designed so that by default, deprecated records are not presented in your search results – this ensures that you don’t have to wade through data for records that are clearly wrong or lack any useful data. But, of course there may be occasions where you happen across a deprecated record. In the past, it wasn’t always easy to immediately see that a record had been deprecated and understand the reason that it had been deprecated. In the new design the notification message is far more prominent and we also make it easy to see the reason why the record was deprecated (this is new requirement in the deprecation process and so for older deprecations this field may be blank).


Citation details

We commonly get requests from individuals asking about including data from a ChemSpider record in a presentation or thesis. As outlined in our FAQ page, where individuals reuse data we ask that they cite ChemSpider. And so to make this process simpler we have created an output that contains the basic information that users may need to include in a citation, and we have provided a button that makes it really easy to copy the data to your clipboard in one click.

Looking at the above image you can also see that the Average mass (which was accidentally hidden for a while) has now been made visible the record again.

Layout of the structure search page

One of the most noticeable changes has been the rearrangement of the Structure search interface. While the actual functionality remains the same, the options have been presented in a way that (hopefully) makes it much easier to see all of the options that are available to you when you perform a structure search. This is the 1st phase of our work on this interface, so please let us know what you think about the changes so far.


Clearer layout of the Experimental Properties section

Another significant change that we have made is to the presentation data in the Experimental properties infobox. The data is presented in a tidier layout, and while we have always had the ability to provide links to the original datasource, this was not particularly obvious to some users. In this new design we explicitly display the name of the datasource that provided the data, and wherever possible the name will act as a link back to the relevant page/entry in that datasource.

We hope that you find all of these new features useful, and as always we welcome your feedback on these and any other aspects of the site.