Archive for October, 2013

We have just added the most up-to-date database files for ChEMBL and ChEBI to ChemSpider.

Some of the structures from ChEMBL can be found here. Structures from ChEBI may be viewed here. Thank you to the ChEBI and ChEMBL teams for making this data available.

Recently I heard someone who cycled the 1400 km from John O’Groats to Lands End, with a headwind all the way, because it looked on the map as if it was downhill and hence easier. (I am grateful to Neil Swainston of the University of Manchester for this anecdote.)

You might think that “down” on the page is unlikely to be “down” in 3D space, but there is an interesting exception to this, at least for certain interpretations of “down”. (more…)