We have launched the ChemSpider Blog for a number of reasons. Specifically

1) We believe it gives us a good opportunity to discuss our vision of where we are going and some of the struggles to get there. Speaking openly and honestly about the passion we have for ChemSpider is a great opportunity for us to express our creativity and post for comments and feedback. 

2) We do not have clear decisions made in certain areas and we will encourage the feedback of the chemistry community to help in these decisions

3) Blogging is certainly a high profile manner to engage an audience and express, warts and all, challenges and opportunities. For an example of an advantage of honesty read Wired ‘s Naked CEO article

4) It offers a path to respond to other blogs. Experience shows that responses to criticism on other blogs is edited prior to posting. We may have to take advantage of that capability ourselves of course!

5) It’s fun.

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