For those of you watching the progress of ChemSpider since it’s initial exposure in March of this year we have been incrementally adding new features and specifically integration to other rich sources of information. We have delivered integration to multiple data sources (Click on the Data Sources checkbox under the Advanced Search for the list) as well as the integration to text-based searching of 50,000 Open Access articles via the ChemRefer service. Now we have extended the ability to include review of Patents.

In a collaboration with Reel Two we have provided a way to provide structure and substructure searching and access through millions of chemical structures integrated to patents on the US, European and Asian Patent Offices via their SureChem Portal. Following a search simply click through to the Detailed Results page for a particular structure and look in the Data Sources list for the word SureChem. See below as an example…note Surechem blocked in red.

Surechem Link

Clicking on any of the names in the Data Sources link launches a new Browser Window containing the links to the External Substances links as shown below.

links to Surechem Data Sources

Clicking on any of the External Links will take you to the actual patent sitting on the Patent Analysis website and identified via the Surechem query. For example, see here.

We have a number of ideas to enhance the deliver of patent information via ChemSpider but for the time-being we believe that the ChemSpider and the Reel Two SureChem integration offers a powerful means by which a chemist can navigate their way from a chemical structure to a patent. We welcome your feedback.

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