There are many ways to track interest in your efforts when you go online with a website. There are the subjective commentaries of friends and families (not they are biased of course), there is the feedback coming to the inbox (but how many websites do you visit in a day and don’t send an email to comment on it to the host?) and then there are the tools available to the host for purchase or online tools such as Alexa.

Since ChemSpider has only been online since March 27th what I was interested in is the type of growth that has been shown in the past few months. The graphic below from a couple of days ago tells a nice story.

Alexa Rank

It appears that we are well on our way to entering the ranks of the top 100,000 websites. With the recent introduction of patent searching, spectral viewing, and ongoing expansion of the database we expect to see an increase in the visitors in coming months.

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5 Responses to “Alexa – Tracking Whether There is Interest in ChemSpider”

  1. Egon Willighagen says:

    I can recommend Google Analytics, which comes with very extensive analysis of your traffic. More powerful even, is the use of LogReport’s Lire ( which allows defining of custom reports, such as advanced queries to highlight which molecules a particular visitor looks at and in which order. This would be interesting, as it could provide a new service for ChemSpider (people who looked at this molecule, also found this molecule interesting). Note that the analysis is not restricted to Apache logs, but may include email traffic, FTP, etc I worked on Lire in the past, but I still feel it is the most powerful data analysis tool in the market.

  2. Antony Williams says:

    Thanks for the info Egon. We will likely set up Google Analytics as you suggest and take a look at logreport. As usual your feedback is very welcome. thank you so much,

  3. Peter Schneider says:

    Alexa can be manipulated to a certain extend by webmasters simply using the Alexa toolbar.

    Interestingly, chemspider does not appear in compete:

    So the Alexa Rank does not give a clear signal.

    Best regards

  4. Peter Schneider says:

    Trying compete with “” and “”:

    Indeed, there is something obviously wrong with your “Alexa Rank”. Better not publish it!

  5. ChemSpider Blog » Blog Archive » ChemSpider Usage Continues to Grow In a Linear Fashion says:

    [...] also use Alexa to browse our performance. The statistics are shown below for the increase in global users [...]

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