Previously I reported on the integration between ChemSpider and the SureChem Online Patent Portal. I also put together a technical note here describing how to perform the searches. For those of you new to SureChem the system provides online access to patents and enables searching via chemical structures, substructures and similarity of structures as well as searching by text. We’ve now enhanced the integration so that you don’t have to go through the Data Sources in order to find your way to the patents directly.

Nicko Goncharoff recently gave a talk at the ICIC conference in Barcelona and I’ve linked to it here (with his permission) if you are interested in an overview of the technology. I’ve been using the system of late for some searches I’ve been doing. It’s fast, easy to use and found hits for every search I did. You can sign up online at the SureChem website and, according to what I’ve been hearing from them. their intention is to provide the service as Free Access for the foreseeable future and maybe indefinitely with their business coming from in-house licensing to either the data or to the portal itself.

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    [...] for the past few months you will be aware that historically we had an integration in place to SureChem’s Patent Portal. A few months ago that integration was unfortunately broken as SureChem improved their service. [...]

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