A few weeks ago Will Griffiths blogged about robots.txt files for informing on indexing policies for a website and then later on our discussions with RSC. As a result of our experiences in the domain of indexing using robots permissions over the more human interaction of “asking for permission” we have actively approached and requested permission to index publishers, whether their open access, free access or simply abstract text. What is excellent is how supportive many publishers have been and Will’s progress in indexing their articles. He lists the progress on the blog. I repeat his progress here. EXCELLENT progress.

“So far in terms of indexing, these are complete:

Hindawi, Electrochemical Science Group, Repositorium (Universidade do Minho Eprints), Medknow, MDPI

The next few to go:

ACBI, IUCr, PubMed Central*, PubMed**, Bentham***, Nature****

* Full text indexing for Open Access list only; ** Bibliographic data and chemical names only; *** Bibliographic data only except Bentham Open (Full Text Indexing); **** OTMI

All sources are full text indexed unless otherwise stated.”

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