When my dentist recently pointed to her connection to the American Dentists Association as the reason that she would not be negative about fluoride toothpaste I pushed a little harder. When I asked her opinion of my views regarding Fluoride Toothpaste (explained during the slurring and bubbling accompanying a dental exam) she essentially agreed with my views and then went on to explain her connection to the ADA again.

So, read this book…” The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson. This is one of the best reads from last year for me. I’m taking interest in it again since our 4.5 year old twins had a recent examination, had their TOPICAL twice a year fluoride treatment and were given the all clear…this after NEVER using Fluoride toothpaste. I find the book fascinating since it deals with exposure to a chemical that the majority of adults simply throw into their mouth two or three times a day because “mom said so”. In fact, I asked my own mother why we started using fluoride toothpaste and she gave me the pulpit speech re. prevention of cavities. Ah – the power of marketing.

Our family doesn’t use fluoridated toothpaste and drinks from a well (fortunately). I recommend Tom’s of Maine toothpaste personally.

If a Nobel Prize Winner reviews the book with “It is my sincere hope that Christopher Bryson’s apparently thorough and comprehensive perusal of the scientfic literature on the biological actions of fluoride and the ensuing debates through the years will receive the attention it deserves and that its implications will be seriously considered.” you might take interest in reading it.

If you knew that a group of EPA scientists were demanding the protection of water resources you might be interested.

With the increasing concern about Teflon and PFOA people are abandoning their teflon pans…maybe they are trying to save their parrots from poisoning? Meanwhile lawsuits abound over fluorinated compounds such as PFOA and companies are concerned over their association with perfluorinated compounds overall. So….fluorine bad? Fluoride bad?

Meanwhile, many people put a stripe of toothpaste in their mouths on a daily basis without knowing why exactly…other than the power of marketing. So, while I certainly don’t recommend stopping brushing your teeth what I do encourage is informing yourself about why fluoride found its way into toothpaste, some of the interesting work reported in recent years and the politics involved with big business. The Fluoride Deception is a great read.

Likely this might start a flame war between the pro- and anti- “fluoridaters”. OK.

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  1. AngryToxicologist says:

    Your dentist may be interested to know that the ADA changed positions on fluoride for infants and recommended that fomula for babies not be made with fluoridated water (in Feb I think).

    Why is the issue of fluoride so touchy? It’s really crazy. I should say, people (either side) who can’t debate fluoride without foaming at the mouth are crazy.

    BTW-Bryson’s book is a must read (fast and engaging too). While he goes overboard bit in the way he puts things together or some of the language, the facts are well researched and right on.

  2. Antony Williams says:

    Already Sent to me from C&E NEws 2004

    “REVIEW of The Fluoride Deception:
    “‘The Fluoride Deception’ reads like a whodunit. There are conspiracies, cover-ups, human casualties, and broken careers. The prime suspects in this toxic thriller are compounds of fluoride; the co-conspirators represent industry, the military, and the public health community. At the book’s ending, the suspect chemicals are not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but we are left with compelling evidence that powerful interests with high financial stakes have colluded to prematurely close honest discussion and investigation into fluoride toxicity.” – CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS, “Is Fluoride Really All that Safe?”, August 16, 2004.”

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  5. Jim Schultz says:

    At least toothpaste gives topical effect which might do some good. Problem is that many way too young kids who swallow better then spit put way too much on brush and go toxic. Many love the taste and do some eating also or brush to enjoy the treat. The ADA points at parents not supervising use as the big cause of the really ugly moderate and severe dental fluorosis. Part of this is just to shift the blame from the main cause of water fluoridation. Do no harm seems like a logical choice and in the US the newest CDC data still unpublished showed 48.42% of 12-15 year olds with dental fluorosis and the Pizzo review 2007 with 51% on multiple teeth. . When fluoridation began they thought if more then 10-12% had the very mildest forms fluoridation would be a failure. With the old lesser stand of just one tooth or more we were at 66% in the 90′s. The current data that fluorides benefit is topical tells us to never swallow if we wish to avoid chronic cumulative damage of fluoride toxicity. Jim Schultz

  6. Bob says:

    I’ve researched and learned that many people like myself are realizing the negative effects of fluoride in their source water. I’ve been using the FluorideMaster whole house fluoride water filtration system and am impressed on how well it performs to significantly reduce the floride in my water. I know that the company Vitasalus at http://www.vitasalus.com or http://www.equinox-products.com sells the FlourideMaster Whole Home Fluoride Water Filtration System.

  7. Dentist Lake Worth says:

    I have also read about the negative effects of fluorinated toothpaste and even fluorinated water. Researchers already have concluded that it does harm the youngsters’ body, which is of course alarming to the mothers around the world. It is really an interesting issue, that’s why people wants to learn and find out more about it. It is just right, because the lives of the children and ourselves are at stake.

  8. Dentist Thornhill says:

    As a dentist, there are benefits to fluoride in preventing dental tooth decay. However, for young children, they will often swallow toothpaste. If it contains fluoride, it can cause harm, leading to abnormal formation of enamel called fluorosis.

  9. Dentist Modesto says:

    Interesting write-up. There is no doubt that the use of fluoride decreases dental caries. But it is also a fact that the ingestion of too much fluoride can result in fluorosis. You should know the associated hazards of fluoride. Fluoride is an acute toxin. You should monitor your child if he is using a fluoride toothpaste, because, you do not know how much of the toothpaste your child is swallowing. Half a tube of fluoride toothpaste can kill a child.

  10. KMD says:

    As a layperson, I read years ago in a book about women’s skin care a short paragraph concerning the correlation between flouride-containing toothpaste and facial acne/boils, especially in the hollows of cheeks and at the corners of the mouth. I suffered from this type of acne and nothing resolved the problem. Doctors perscribed antibiotics as well as made suggestions about not touching my face and also using cleansing products. I had used Retinol with some success as well as expensive treatments purchased over the counter.

    After reading that small paragraph, I decided to conduct my own trial. Since about 1998, I have endeavored to not use any toothpaste containing flouride, which I might add is extremely problematic because although there are many manufacturers of toothpaste and dozens of types within a brand, the vast majority contain flouride. As an aside, Sensodine used to have a flouride free toothpaste but I have not been able to find it on the shelves of supermarkets, discount stores or drug stores. Tom’s has two or three types with no flouride: fennel, a peppermit and a multi-berry gel. The only outlet that I have found to consistently stock non-flouride toothpast is Trader Joe’s. I did find one made in Sweden on the shelf at a Long’s drug store but that was an annomally.

    As for my findings: the acne on my face was resolved upon the elimination of flouride toothpaste. When I must use a flouride toothpaste, the acne returns as do the boils. So I religiously avoid flouride toothpaste, and do not allow my dentist to treat me with the flouride solution they use. My only problem now is the forced medication inflicted on me and my fellow Californians by local and state governments which flouridate the water. I am happy to read here that there are filters available which will remove most of the flouride in the water. It’s just unbelievable that I have to pay to remove this chemical from my water that government bodies have placed there.

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