I’d never published in an RSC journal until recently when Sean Ekins and I published in Lab on a Chip. The process was good…fast and efficient. Now, I am an employee of the RSC now but these are objective comments and I’m looking forward to publishing more with the RSC. I do still publish with my co-authors with other publishers because of the nature of the work we do – cheminformatics fits well into ACS’ JCIM and the Journal of Cheminformatics and NMR papers still fit well into Wiley’s Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry. Our J Cheminf paper is still the most accessed article in that journal.

I was impressed to get a letter from the Editorial Director of the RSC in my inbox last week. It was directed to me as an author in an RSC journal. What was impressive was the fact that he took the time to issue this to all authors as well as the fact that the letter discussed the impact factors for RSC now matching those of the ACS. Very impressive and a nice touch from Jim Milne!

jim milne

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  1. Cate says:

    Actually this proves the worth of the marketing dept at the RSC. The editorial director had very little to do with this ‘personalised’ letter. They even included a P.S. – a very current marketing tactic.

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