Jean-Claude Bradley has recently posted about about an NMR Game running on Second Life. Read his blog for details but I excerpt some of the comments here:

Andy and I brainstormed some new chemistry games that we could introduce to Second Life to leverage our recent tools. One of the applications is the NMR game. By combining the orac molecule rezzer, the SL spectral viewing tool and ChemSpider Open Data spectra I think we have a pretty good game.

The idea is simple: click on the molecule that is represented by the spectrum. If it is correct you get 2 points and get another spectrum. You lose a point by clicking on an incorrect molecule. After going through all the spectra your score gets posted on the web to a top10 list. For equal scores the best time takes it.”

So, here at ChemSpider we are delivering spectra as Open Data to help with the game. And we’re happy to do so. It’s always been our intention to have ChemSpider provide value like this. ANY registered user can upload spectra to the ChemSpider website. The details are outlined here (I just noticed the interface has changed since I wrote that but you should still be able to follow the process). We need the spectra to be in JCAMP format and if you want them to be available for the game, and for people to download, they MUST be declared as Open Data.

Right now we have 100s of spectra. You can find them here. But we need more. Much more!We’d like you to contribute them. if you don’t want to upload them yourself then contact us directly and we will process and uplood for you. We need the data and the name/structure of the associated molecule.

And how will the game be used on these spectra? The game will be used to “curate and validate” the spectra. As the game is being played a score of how many people say it is correct will be kept. And of course what is wrong. Based on these scores our curators will be directed to “problematic spectra” for their attention. This is true crowdsourcing and a great way to do spectral validation.

We would like the spectral collection to grow and welcome contributions from anyone. They do NOT have to be just NMR. They can be IR, MS, Raman etc too. Ultimately a Spectral game will be unveiled. Please consider ChemSpider as a repository for your data as it will benefit the community of chemists and, in particular, the process of teaching students and allowing them to “game their way” through the process. Watch where this goes…it’s VERY interesting to consider how it can improve…there is an NMR game website in development so you won’t have to go just to Second Life.

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