Yesterday evening from 6pm until 8pm I participated in a remote presentation to about 30 students sitting in a room at Drexel University as a result of an invitation from JC Bradley. Two of us were speaking…Rajarshi Guha and myself. The entire session was conducted using shared Webex access and skype. The technology aspects worked very well. While the experience of sharing a room with my partner speaker was lacking there was definitely no lack of collaboration to make this work!

Rajarshi’s presentation was regarding “Molecular representation, similarity and search” and is posted online at Scivee here.

My presentation was entitled “Citizen Scientists and Their Contributions to Internet Based Chemistry” and covered the range of what is the status of chemistry on the internet, what databases are out there to look at, what is the status of quality on said databases, an overview of real time searching on ChemSpider, how to curate and deposit to the platform and some insight into what will be coming soon. The talk is shown below and directly on SciVee here

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  1. Chris Singleton says:

    Insightful talk. I was amazed that with the connectivity and communications we have today, it still takes so long to verify a chemical structure (digitonin and taxol come to mind).

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