I was sitting down today to review what presentations are coming up in the next few weeks and how much writing and travel was ahead of me. Ugh. Painful. During the next few weeks of conference season there will be a lot of talks and, as usual, a lot of late nights before the presentations to write new talks or modify existing talks. I will be at the ACS meeting in San Francisco this spring and will be giving four presentations, a poster and leading a training session on ChemSpider. The presentations are outlined below. Looking forward to seeing you there and it would be great to hear from any of you who would like to get together and connect about community chemistry over a coffee.

Presentation: Utilizing ChemSpider as a platform for education and exposure of student data to the community.

Educators and students now have access to rich internet resources of information. RSC’s ChemSpider is a community resource of structure-based chemistry delivering data including chemical compound collections, reaction synthesis procedures, physicochemical property and various forms of spectral data. ChemSpider offers the opportunity for the community to participate in populating, annotating and curating the data on ChemSpider. We believe that ChemSpider offers an opportunity for educators and students to participate in the ongoing development of a rich resource for the chemistry community. This presentation will suggest some potential uses of the ChemSpider website in terms of integrating into lesson plans. We will also outline how students can expose their structure and reaction-based research work via the ChemSpider platform for the benefit of the community and their online scientific reputation.

Presentation: ChemSpider – How An Online Resource of Chemical Compounds, Reaction Syntheses, and Property Data Can Support Green Chemistry

ChemSpider is an online database containing in excess of 20 million chemical compounds and associated experimental and predicted physicochemical data, reaction synthesis details and analytical data. A significant amount of the data contained within the database has been harvested and collated from a number of inventory systems and integrated to provide a centralized resource for the community. The ChemSpider database has the added benefit of being available for community deposition, annotation and curation. As a result it offers the potential for researchers to share their latest research with the public and participate in the creation of a rich resource of chemistry related information for the Green Chemistry community. This presentation will provide an overview of present capabilities and discuss the future vision for the platform.

Presentation: ChemSpider, how a free community resource of data can support teaching NMR spectroscopy

ChemSpider is an online database of chemical compounds, reaction syntheses and analytical data. Provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry, our intention is to provide a free internet resource of chemistry related data for the community. ChemSpider is unique in its role of allowing user depositions of chemical structures, synthesis procedures and analytical data and, in so doing, provides an environment for crowdsourced gathering of information. To date over 2000 1D and 2D NMR spectra have been deposited online by the community and are available for reuse. The data have been used as the basis of a spectral game whereby students can learn NMR by interacting with the data. This presentation will provide an overview of the tools and capabilities presently available on ChemSpider to support teaching NMR in the undergraduate curriculum and will outline how the community can participate in enriching this resource for the benefit of all.

Presentation: Enhancing discoverability across Royal Society of Chemistry content by integrating to ChemSpider, an online database of chemical structures

The ability to query across a chemistry publishers content using chemical structure searching can dramatically enhance discoverability. RSC has been applying a number of procedures to integrate RSC’s ChemSpider community resource with our published content and databases. These include: 1) entity extraction procedures 2) chemical name conversion procedures using software algorithms and curated dictionaries 3) semantic markup and 4) a crowdsourced curation processes. This presentation will provide an overview of the processes we have utilized in order to provide structure-based integration to RSC content. We will discuss our ongoing efforts to extend the approaches to the mining of data from the rich supplementary information sections of many RSC publications. Our intention is to provide access to synthesis procedures and analytical data and further enrich the ChemSpider database for the benefit of the chemistry community.

Poster: Utilizing ChemSpider as a platform for education and exposure of student data to the community

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