Those of you frequenting the blog will know that we have a dedicated subset on ChemSpider for Molbank and that I have found the MDPI management and editorial team a pleasure to work with. I discussed my want to stay in relationship with them in a recent blogpost and, as stated in that posting, followed up with them to make them aware of an error in their article and the ongoing discussions in the blogosphere about their “openness”. In case the readers of the blog aren’t set up to catch the comments on the blogposts I am pointing to a comment made today by a member of MDPI.

“We are aware that our current MDPI copyright statement is not in line with the BBB definitions on open access. We are currently smoothly moving to a CC By Attribution License v3.0. Marine Drugs ( has already been published under that license since January 2008. IJMS ( and other MDPI journals will start publishing under this license in the May respectively June 2008 issues. All previous content published by MDPI will be released under the CC By license within a couple of months on our new publication platform (now under testing). So this discussion about MDPI and open access will soon be part of history.”

My experience of working in the domain of creating a community for chemists is quite a simple one. If you want to know what a group is up to just ask them. Seems that MDPI has a clear path forward.

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