I am off to Bio-IT in Boston this coming week and I am honored to have been asked to talk on ChemSpider. I wasn’t on the agenda as of 72 hours ago but was offered an opportunity as a result of a cancellation in one of the sessions. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new in the world of informatics this year and due to be unveiled at Bio-IT. At SBS there was only one person in the room when I talked who had even heard of ChemSpider. I didn’t take offense…about 60 people went away informed! I hope for a similar opportunity at Bio-IT. The blog will be fairly quiet this week. Catch-up time is next week.

AN fyi, I recently wrote an article entitled “Public Chemical Compound Databases” in Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development 2008 11(3). The abstract is:

“The internet has rapidly become the first port of call for all information searches. The increasing array of chemistry-related resources that are now available provides chemists with a direct path to the information that was previously accessed via library services and was limited by commercial and costly resources. The diversity of the information that can be accessed online is expanding at a dramatic rate, and the support for publicly available resources offers significant opportunities in terms of the benefits to science and society. While the data online do not generally meet the quality standards of manually curated sources, there are efforts underway to gather scientists together and ‘crowdsource’ an improvement in the quality of the available data. This review discusses the types of public compound databases that are available online and provides a series of examples. Focus is also given to the benefits and disruptions associated with the increased availability of such data and the integration of technologies to data mine this information.”

It’s not an Open Access article but it’s out there if anyone is interested or is subscribed. Enjoy.

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