Previously we introduced the ability to submit chemical structures to the database using the Single Structure Deposition process. This allows users to submit single structures to the database and associate with publications, URLs, Pubmed IDs and so on. An example of the result can be seen here for Quesnoin…the structure and associated supplementary info was deposited online using the outlined process.

We have previously unveiled the ability to add publication details to existing structures on the database as outlined here. What we’ve heard is that it would be just as useful, and in the time of Web 2.0, even better to allow allow connections to other web pages by allowing URLs to be connected to existing structures on the database. The process is easy.

You need to be logged in to Add URLs, Publications etc. The only action that can be done without logging in is the Posting of Comments. The reason we do this is to help us protect from vandalism, if possible. When logged in then click on Add URL. The example below is for me wanting to form a link between the structure record of Xanax and the article on Wikipedia.


A dialog box will be displayed. Input the Title that you want displayed in the supplementary info and the URL of the associated link. See below:


Filling the information will show as follows:


Then Click OK. The submission will be sent to a curator for approval and should be approved very quickly. The reason for this process is to ensure that we don’t get adorned with “inappropriate links”. The information will show as “Supplementary info” at the bottom of the structure record as shown here.

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