With the news about the RSC acquiring ChemSpider assets sterting to settle it is time to get back to work. One of the things we are noticing is that people are really starting to take advantage of the ability to integrate their articles to ChemSpider via the Add DOI function that is available to registered users. If you want to associate a paper with a single chemical structure then it is very easy and uses the CrossRef service to Fetch the Result from a DOI lookup and deposit directly to ChemSpider. The four images below outline the way in which this can be done. In this example I want to associate two particular articles with the record for  1,2-dioxetanedione shown below.

It’s easy. Navigate to the record of interest, Make sure that the structure is the correct structure of interest and Simply click the Add DOI button above the chemical structure to the left. Don’t forget you must be logged in! Now, Enter the DOI, click on LookUp and confirm that the title retrieved is the correct publication. Then click on OK. Now the publication will be submitted for a curator to confirm that it is appropriate and it will show up online under the supplementary information when approved.

There are also processes for depositing an SDF file with a single publication and the SAME process is applied to connecting via PubmedIDs (Add PMID). Try it out. Help the community discover publications by adding appropriate DOIs to particular records. Look at how many there are associated with cholesterol already.



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