We are focused on providing tools to our users to ensure that they can add information of interest to structure-based records in ChemSpider. We have introduced DOI-based associations recently allowing users to connect publications of interest to chemical compounds on our database. The process is simple. Find the structure record of interest, use the Add DOI function and Publish. The process is outlined graphically below.

First, Login then navigate to the article of interest. In this case we are interested in associating a publication with the structure of Chaetoglobin A.

Find_the_paper of interest and the associated DOI. In this case we will associate the following RSC article. Click on Add DOI and enter the DOI. Click on Lookup, confirm that the data is correct and click on OK or cancel as appropriate.

The_associated_DOI_will_be_held_in_embargo until a curator confirms it, generally within a few hours. If we see no issues with the process we will remove the curation process. When approved you can see the information associated with the record as shown below. The DOI is linked directly to the article and will deliver traffic to the publishers serving both the users of ChemSpider and the publishing community. Simple.

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