We have recently made available the ability to “Claim a Molecule” or set of molecules on ChemSpider. On any record view you will see the image below.  This is one of our efforts to start to cover our costs and an outline of the present model for advertising and “adoption” is here.

Our primary hope is that users of ChemSpider will be interested in adopting their own molecules, or molecules of interest, and add information to them on an ongoing basis.

If users want to deposit their own molecules from their research, thesis, report or some other source you can do so following the instructions here. Then you can add URLs, comments, etc as you wish. We are presently adding more functionality to the system to Wiki-enable it so you can “adopt” your own molecules and keep information of interest updated.

I have adopted three molecules so far: Paclitaxel, Quesnoin and Cryptospirolepine. You can see the  “adoptive father” on the image. My job is now to increase the amount of information associated with these molecules and I am presently focused on Cryptospirolepine, a molecule I have been involved with elucidating by NMR. I encourage others to choose some molecules and start adding information. Discuss how on the ChemSpider Forum under the Discussions Tab. One more effort to Build a Community of Chemists…

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