We at ChemSpider have an implicit belief that InChIs will soon dominate the communication of chemistry across the internet and will be one of the primary keys on all chemistry databases exposed on the web. This is already gaining momentum and the unveiling of the InChI resolver at the ACS meeting will facilitate this process. The InChI is NOT prefect…it was acknolwedged, emphasized and dragged across hot coals that the InChI is not perfect at the recent all day meeting at the ACS Meeting in Salt Lake City. But, it already has value and there are already plans afoot to enhance InChI – one of the meetings at the ACS included discussions about funding and resources. InChI will continue to be developed.

An interesting article penned by Daniel Pollock was released today: Chemical Bonding InChi by InChI. Definitely worth a read from an industry observer about where he believes InChI is going…

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