Despite the ability of browsers to open up multiple tabs there really shouldn’t be any need to open a new browser window if we take advantage of  balloon pop-ups. For example, if you hover over the name of the Data Source then information will be displayed. If you hover over the External ID in the data source table then you see a screenshot of the external record within the balloon. It can take a couple of seconds to load so be patient. The screenshot below shows the KEGG record highlighted from the Data Source external ID. You can of course click on the link to navigate to the external record if what you see pop-up in the data balloon is of interest.

We will be using similar capabilities for our markup of chemistry articles. An example is shown below. Each chemical name is hyperlinked to a chemical structure in ChemSpider and displays the structure in a pop-up balloon.

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  1. arnold harry says:

    i wold like to know if front page ( website designing tool)
    supports balloon pop-ups.

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