I’ve blogged recently about depositing the ChEBI Entities of the month onto ChemSpider. Duncan Hull asked me about how often we update our ChEBI collection and all ChEBI depositions found their way onto ChemSpider via PubChem. We have not updated since then despite the fact that the ChEBI dataset is being updated very regularly. We’re going to clean out our backlog of depositions before working on the ChEBI set.

That said, the news out of the EBI in Hinxton in this Press Release is very exciting. I’ll abstract from it here and point you to the press release for more details!

“The Wellcome Trust has awarded £4.7 million [€5.8 million] to EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute [EMBL-EBI] to support the transfer of a large collection of information on the properties and activities of drugs and a large set of drug-like small molecules from the publicly listed company Galapagos NV to the public domain. It will be incorporated into the EMBL-EBI’s collection of open-access data resources for biomedical research and will be maintained by a newly established team of scientists at the EMBL-EBI. ”

I’m very interested to hear more about what the dataset contains as the project moves forward!

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