I’ve blogged previously at the honor of ChemSpider starting to be indexed by the Chemical Abstracts Service. I take this as a blessing of the value we are offering to the community. Interestingly this has resulted in some confusion within the communiyt. Now when people are finding structures of interest in the CAS registry they would like to hop over to our site for details. Based on what I’ve heard/seen that’s not so easy…there is no ChemSpider ID number to use and no link into our database. Hrmmpphhh..a little user friendliness would go a long way.

Anyhow, today a comment on one of the ChemSpider records caught my eye. “…why do these records not have a CAS RN associated with them? CAS acknowledges you...”. Well the answer is simple to that. We don’t receive CAS numbers. I am not aware that ANYONE who has chemicals indexed in the CAS registry receives CAS numbers back as an outcome of being indexed. Am I right? I think CAS numbers have to be paid for when you register a compound. And if they are registered for you so be it. No cost, but you don’t get the numbers for your own usage. Anybody know different?

I have received some interesting comments off-blog (consistent with the way I said blogs work for me) regarding how CAS’ indexing of us is helping people find information through us. For example, for the record at which the comment was made (CSID 9727274) the user could find their way out to PubChem, where we sourced the Thomson Pharma information that is also on the record. Hmmm…CAS is indexing PubChem via ChemSpider. That’s an interesting state of affairs considering the historical collisions regarding ACS and PubChem.

There have also been examples where people searching for IP issues about chemical structures have ended up on ChemSpider through our indexing on CAS and then from us out to the SureChem database of patents. The searchers have not been able to find information about certain structures in the CAS patent database but have found it in the registry and from there via ChemSPider out to the SureChem patent database. I’m not sure I fully understand the segregation of the data on the registry and the patent database since I don’t have access to CAS tools but I think it’s great that online resources such as ChemSpider, PubChem and SureChem are all now being brought together through the CAS registry and indexing processes. This is very beneficial to the community.

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