This is my first blog posting in over 3 weeks. It’s been a distracting few weeks and I have been in the UK for a family emergency. It’s been an enlightening and educational period and I’ll comment more on that in some later posts. For tonight I’m providing a short update about what’s going on on ChemSpider.

1) You might see a slow down in searching over the weekend. The reason is that we are presently generating Standard InChIs for the database. The StdInChIStrings and StdInChIKeys are being generated across 21.5 million structures so it is a load on the server.

2) We are presently working on the InChI Resolver project that we have committed to deliver with the RSC. The work is well underway and on target.

3) We have been working hard on ChemMantic and the ChemSpider Journal of Chemistry release. The journal release was held up by my absence. My thanks to the authors of the articles that have been submitted to us and we are presently posting them to the journal for release over the weekend/early next week.

There have been some additional developments to the system since the Christmas holidays and I’ll post some details in the coming few days as time allows.

It’s good to be back online and finally…a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the readers. Sorry for the silence..

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