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ChemSpider has been working hard to support Wikipedia for a number of months now. We have been curating the structures on Wikipedia, I have been an active member of the WP:Chem team, we have extended our integration of WIkipedia to show the leed of the Wikipedia article on associated record views and have a lot of background activities going on re. Wikipedia at present (info will be released shortly). There are new articles released on Wikipedia on an ongoing basis and we stay up to date as best we can monitoring bots for updates. Harvesting monographs out of Wikipedia based only on ChemBoxes and Drugboxes is not sufficient for sure since not every article about drugs and chemicals on Wikipedia has an associated Drugbox or ChemBox. For example… You have likely heard of Rember for Alzheimers already? A search on Google for Rember Alzheimers will give about 2 million hits. It’s already being discussed in the blogosphere including Derek Lowe’s  In the Pipeline. Rember turns out to be methylene blue. There is already an article on Wikipedia about Rember but there is no chembox as yet. As I was researching Rember out of interest I noticed we did not have methylene blue linked to Wikipedia and Rember wasn’t associated with methylene blue. Adding the name was of course easy..5 seconds work after login. We have now added the ability to associate data sources directly too. What does this mean? On a record view page is a list of “Data Sources” associated with a compound. This is where depositions about a compound came from and, generally, links back to the associated web pages. Previously in order to populate the Data Source table it would be necessary to deposit the structure and associated info as an SDF file. TOO MUCH work. So, now we have made it easy. To add a data source simply login and select “Edit” (top right hand side of the data source table). To add a new data source simply click Add and input the information into the pop up box.The input is the name to be listed in the Data Source table, the URL to the information on the Data Source page (if info exists) and the name of the Data Source. This is one caveat of adding such links..the data source must exist. If you want to add data associated with your own website you need to register yourself, add a Data Source and wait for us to approve. Wikipedia is a special case since when the link is made we grab the leed of the article directly and show it in the Record View. For methylene blue there are two related Wikipedia articles so we have linked to them both as you can see on the record view. Simple go to ChemSpider and search for rember and you’ll see two linked Wikipedia articles.