As mentioned in a previous post, we have been developing a system to help validate and standardise chemical structures. I am pleased to announce that this system, the Chemical Validation and Standardisation Platform (CVSP), is now live! Check it out at

This service is designed to be used by anyone who wants to check their chemical structures to make sure that they are correct, particularly prior to being deposited into a chemistry database or submission for publication. It is most useful for large files containing many hundreds or thousands of structures which would be difficult and time-consuming to review manually. We provide validation to check that your structures are correct, as well as two standardisation options (InChI normalisation, and CVSP standardisation) to fix common errors and tidy structure layouts. More advanced users can create their own standardisation rules using SMIRKS.

To find out how to register, and learn how to use the system, see our PDF help document. Don’t forget to leave feedback by clicking the Provide Feedback button at the top of the page, or clicking the envelope icon next to any structure.

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