eyesOh boy do we have a lot of things to do with ChemSpider. Not only now, while shifting ChemSpider to the RSC infrastructure, but in the future as we do the work necessary to make ChemSpider the primary internet resource for structure-based chemistry. We don’t have small eyes in terms of what we want to deliver to the community. Far from it…we have big eyes and big ideas regarding what is possible and even, in most cases, how to get there. What is clear is that we need the appropriate skill sets to make it happen. At present all ChemSpider platform development work is done by our team over here in the US. We are looking to add a team member into the RSC Offices in Cambridge. We’re looking for someone with established Cheminformatics skills to work with us. They need to have an established track record in working in the field of Cheminformatics, have a deep knowledge of handling chemical structures, experience in working with web-based systems and, of course, have a big appetite for making a difference and wants to work with a fast-moving team. If you’re interested in talking with us about the opportunity ping me at antonyDOTwilliamsATchemspiderDOTcom.

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