ChemMantis is now in alpha release and under tests. ChemMantis is our Chemistry Markup And Nomenclature Transformation Integrated System. The movie below can likely tell a better story than I can write. So, let’s start with this movie…and more will follow. The premise is upload a document, find chemical names, convert names/identifiers to chemical structures and find related information. In this case we are demonstrating how structures are linked to information on ChemSpider and from there out to other information on the web. There are more such displays to come….

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8 Responses to “ChemMantis in Action – A First Movie”

  1. Jean-Claude Bradley says:

    very cool – but is the audio supposed to be off?

  2. Antony Williams says:

    JC…there is no audio associated with the movie..I think it tells the story without it. But, based on your feedback I will add audio next time..

  3. JASON says:


  4. Joerg Kurt Wegner says:

    Is it just me or do others have also problems reading the text?
    Is there a recommended resolution to watch this video?
    The missing audio or comments are suboptimal, I think a Wink screencast with added textboxes might be better in this case.

  5. Antony Williams says:

    Joeg…thanks for the feedback. I’ll work on making a higher resolution version of the movie….I think this is a YouTube format issue. I don’t have anytime right now to do voiceovers and textboxes…too busy building the system.

  6. Jorg Kurt Wegner says:

    Thanks forsharing the higher resolution video, and I assume that other people could request also a higher resolution in this thread ;-)

    Busy with … I know the feeling … thanks for sharing !

  7. Igor Dubey says:

    Nice work, thanks! Indeed, higher resolution would be great for better understanding. And is it planned to have a standalone application one day (i.e. installed on a local PC)? Of course with links to online databases etc. Seems to be very useful.

  8. Antony Williams says:

    The high resolution movie is posted and discussed here:

    Yes, we are considering a desktop application in the future.

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