I previously blogged that ChemSpider and Article 2.0 might be a good match. I commented on some of the things that we might be able to do:

“7500 articles and complete freedom to present the articles as we see fit. Enticing! What do we already have on ChemSpider that we could reuse?

1) Structure deposition

2) Analytical data and image deposition

3) Integration to other data via URLs

4) Add comments/description

5) Text markup with “Chemical enhancements”

6) A dataset of >21 million structures and integration to over 120 data sources

7) Good ideas …

Article 2.0 looks interesting…we hope to be involved” 

The contest site has now been updated. It is a little different than what we had imagined. The contest rules state: “We’re hoping you can develop many different journal article rendering alternatives by leveraging the Elsevier Article 2.0 API. The Elsevier Article 2.0 Contest is not about downloading all of the content in the contest repository and building a new search engine or identifying relationships amongst the individual articles contained in the Elsevier Article 2.0 Contest repository. While this is certainly an interesting exercise, the purpose of the Elsevier Article 2.0 Contest is to provide new alternatives for rendering individual journal articles.” There are also no cemistry journals listed in the FAQ list.

At this point it us unlikley that we will participate in the contest at all.

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